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2 Shih Tzu Puppies ‘fall’ To Death From Gurugram's 8th-floor Flat, Owner Under Probe | Gurgaon News

Posted on November 04, 2017 by Ranjeet Raghu
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2 Shih Tzu Puppies ‘fall’ To Death From Gurugram's 8th-floor Flat, Owner Under Probe | Gurgaon News
GURUGRAM: Two Shih Tzu puppies fell to the ground from an eighth-floor flat in Emerald Estate (Sector 65) and died in front of horrified morning walkers on Monday, triggering a police investigation into the role of their owner after allegations that the dogs were thrown from the apartment’s balcony.
The puppies, a male and a female, were 8-9 months old and died of cardiac attack because of the high-altitude fall, said Dr Vivek, who conducted their autopsy. The puppies were, otherwise, well-groomed and healthy and bore no sign of cruelty, the doctor said. Police said the puppies’ market value was around Rs 25,000 each.
The death of the puppies led to anger in the housing society, which spread to social media as residents sought an investigation by animal rights activists and police to get to the bottom of the matter. Police stepped in after a complaint from Nikhil Mahesh of the NGO, Umeed for Animals Foundation.
Their owner, an Iraqi citizen who works as a translator at a leading private hospital in the city, is being questioned by police but no case has been registered. Police said he had claimed the puppies had fallen accidentally after they were let out into the balcony. After the autopsy, the puppies were buried by the owner in the presence of police officers. A cop who spoke to the puppies’ owner said he was in shock and kept referring to the dogs as “my kids”.
The owner also told police the dogs had been in the house for the last four months and would be let out in the balcony every day to relieve themselves. He said he had done the same on Monday and had no idea how they fell.
Nikita Kapoor, a resident who saw the puppies fall in front of her, said, “I was on a morning walk with other women residents when one puppy landed on the compound before me and died. Within 2-3 seconds, the other fell and died in the same way. I looked up but saw no one. It was around five minutes that the pet parent (owner) was seen at the balcony of the eighth-floor flat. But he did not come down,” she said. Kapoor added that she and other residents, accompanied by guards, went to his flat and rang the bell but no one answered. Someone called him on his cellphone and received a reply that he was in office. Residents called the NGO and police after that.
Chetna Joshi, an animal rights activist, said that police must take swift steps in the case.
Dinesh Yadav, SHO of Sector 65 police station, said, “We are investigating. No CCTV footage or eyewitness account has confirmed that the puppies were thrown down. Action will be taken only after verifying the (owner’s) role.”